Bylaws and Application

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(1) This organization shall be known as the Nissan Off-Road Association of Colorado - aka NORAC.

ARTICLE II – Objectives
(1) The Nissan Off-Road Association of Colorado is organized as a non-profit organization for the purpose of:

(a) Providing social, educational, and recreational activities for its membership.
(b) Participating in and supporting environmental awareness for the betterment of the community including trail stewardship through trail cleanup events, trail sponsorship,
cooperation with government entities (U.S. Forest Service, BLM, etc) and likeminded organizations.

ARTICLE III - Membership and Dues
(1) Four wheel drive and Off-Roading enthusiasts are eligible for membership in the Nissan Off Road Association of Colorado.

(2) The total number of memberships shall not exceed 100 at any one time. Each membership is per truck and includes the immediate family; however, voting power is one vote per membership and restricted to members eighteen years of age and over.

(3) All members must conduct themselves in a respectable and orderly fashion whether in or out of club activities. Any member disgracing himself in the public eye will be immediately subject to expulsion from the club, subject to decision by the Board of Directors.

(4) Applicants for membership must be at least eighteen years of age (exceptions may be made by decision of the officers) must hold a valid driver’s license, and must show a minimum of PL & PD insurance coverage on their vehicles.

(5) Applicants for membership must attend one membership meeting and one activity before being voted into membership. An initiation fee of $10 shall be assessed against each new membership. Acceptance shall be completing a membership application and acceptance by the board of directors.

(6) Dues for this organization shall be $60 per membership per year, payable in advance. Any member whose dues are three months in arrears shall be dropped from the rolls of this organization. Nothing herein contained shall prevent reinstatement of a delinquent member upon payment in full of his unpaid dues, together with a reinstatement fee of $35, providing a vacancy exists. A grace period for existing members will be allowed until the 2nd quarterly meeting at which time membership will terminate and all club privileges cease. Any new Member joining after July of said year will be required to pay dues of $40 which will be applied to the remainder of the current year (plus the initiation fee of $10 assessed against each new membership.) Any new Member admitted to the club after the last official meeting of the calendar year shall pay the full initiation fee and annual dues and will be instated as a member with full membership rights (voting, etc) at the beginning of the next calendar year. The membership fee does not include expenses for trips, or events attended by the club, unless so set forth.

(7) Any member not having attended at least two quarterly membership meetings and at least two NORAC-sanctioned work days shall be dropped from the rolls of this organization. Exceptions may be made by decision of the Board of Directors and/or the Executive Committee. Considerations will be for members who are physically unable and/or serving the club in other facilities (event coordinators, committees, etc).

(8) All personal expenses such as uniforms, decals, insignia, etc., shall be bore by each individual and are not to be arranged for in any manner by the club.

(9) Members shall immediately notify the Secretary upon a change of address, mailing address, or telephone number.

(10) Resignation of any member shall be in writing and submitted to the Secretary.

(11) Membership is non-transferable and cannot be sold.

(12) Guests may participate in club activities under the guidance of a club member, except when
specifically stated “for club members only”. The exception to this is that single members may bring one guest.

(13) For new membership, the initiation fee ($10) must accompany a membership application. Once accepted into membership by the board of directors the membership dues shall be paid within one (1) month or the membership forfeited.

(14) No refunds of dues will be made, unless a member is asked to resign within 30 days of joining.

(15) The club will not provide club benefits to guests of members. A guest fee will be established to accommodate such a circumstance, if needed.

(16) Definition of membership statuses:
New member candidate – any person(s) newly introduced to the activities of the club, having not participated in NORAC activities other than initiation requirements (per Article III.5)
Existing member – Members in good standing, having attended NORAC events (per Article III.7), with current dues paid (per Article III.6). Current members have voting rights and are exempt from initiation fees and reinstatement fees when in good standing.
Former members – Members or event attendees who have not paid dues, are in arrears with dues and/or have been dropped from the membership list. Non-members in this status do not have voting rights and are subject to the reinstatement fee and full annual dues regardless of timing of reinstatement. This status of membership is not entitled to new member, prorated dues. This prevents the abuse of the proration of dues for new members.

ARTICLE IV – Meetings
(1) Meetings of the membership of the Nissan Off-Road Association of Colorado shall be held once quarterly at such time and places as may be designated by the officers. The club may hold such other meetings as the membership may desire.

(2) At club meetings, two Officers and 25% of the members shall be present to transact club business.

(3) The annual meeting of this club shall be the regular quarterly meeting in January. Newly elected officers will be installed at this time (see section IV). The membership of this club shall be given at least two (2) weeks’ notice of the date and place of the annual meeting.

(4) Special meetings of the club may be called at any time by the President or by written petition of three members in good standing. At least a seven-day notice must be given to the club membership for the notification of the special meeting.

ARTICLE V - Administration and Officers

(1) The officers of the Nissan Off-Road Association of Colorado shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, and shall be known as the Executive Committee. It shall be their duty to draw up an agenda for all board and membership meetings, and it shall be their further duty to assume the functions of the Board of Directors in cases of emergency.

(2) No officer shall be added to the club except by the vote of the majority of the membership of the club.

ARTICLE VI - Duties and Powers of Officers
(1) The President shall preside over all membership and board meetings and be present at all events when possible. He/she shall be the executive officer and shall have the duty to carry out the policies and decisions of the Board of Directors. He/she shall be without right of vote on the Board of Directors except in the event of a tie. He/she shall sign all checks with the Treasurer, unless both are members of the same family.

(2) The Vice President shall, in the absence of the President, serve in that capacity. He/she shall also serve as a Parliamentarian and perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Board of Directors.

(3) The Secretary shall keep and preserve all records and minutes of the meetings of the regular membership and the Board of Directors, shall assume the responsibility of ledger roll call and determine the number of voting members present so it may be known if a quorum is in attendance, shall keep a file system of membership, and shall receive and answer all general correspondence pertaining to the organization. He/she shall sign checks with the Treasurer in the Event the President and Treasurer are members of the same family.

(4) The Treasurer shall keep accurate and complete records of the funds and accounts of this organization and shall collect all dues and maintain a record thereof. He/she shall make only such disbursements from the funds of the organization as are directed by the Board of Directors and Article VII hereof. The Treasurer shall prepare quarterly and annual statements for the club and generally perform such duties that are ordinarily incumbent upon a Treasurer.

(5) The Communications Officer shall oversee the public and private communications of the club as directed by the Board of Directors. Public communications include website content, forums, social media, etc. Private communications include internal, club-wide communications including private pages of the website, newsletters, notifications, meetings, events, and any other official club communications. The Communications Officer shall coordinate with club committees and other functions to ensure club communication is concise, frequent and accurate to protect club integrity and ensure the club is informed.

ARTICLE VII - Expenditures and Finance

(1) All monies received from all sources shall immediately be turned over to the Treasurer to be deposited in the checking account of Nissan Off-Road Association of Colorado.

(2) No withdrawal from funds shall be made without the approval of the Board of Directors. Single expenditures in excess of Twenty-Five ($25.00) must have an approval of the majority of a voting quorum of the membership. All expenditures shall be made by check, and the item for which each check is drawn shall be designated on the face of reverse side thereof separately, stating the amount of each.

(3) The members will approve an annual club budget at the January meeting. Once an annual budget is approved the Club Officers will operate based on this budget. Any club expenditures not included in the annual budget, must be approved by the members at a regular club meeting.

ARTICLE VIII - Committees

(1) Committees shall be designated by the Board of Directors. Each committee shall be assigned by the President to a director who shall be responsible for its activities and who, with the approval of the Board of Directors, will appoint a committee chairman.

(2) ARTICLE IX - Election of Officers

(1) The membership shall meet and elect officers and directors for each fiscal year at the regular January meeting. The newly elected officers shall take office immediately after the votes are counted and confirmed. Voting shall be in person and not by proxy or mail.

(2) Balloting for each office shall be in separate successive sequence and will be held by secret ballot. All ballots for offices must be counted and checked by three members other than the nominees.

(3) A majority of votes cast is necessary for election to an office (4) In the event of a vacancy in the office of Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer; an election shall be called to elect a successor. In the event of a vacancy on the Board of Directors, a successor shall be elected by the
Board of Directors.

ARTICLE X - Recall

(1) Any officer or director of the Nissan Off-Road Association of Colorado may be recalled by a two third majority vote of the entire membership.

ARTICLE XI - Rules and Procedure

(1) Unless otherwise specified in these By-Laws, Roberts Rules of Order Revised shall govern parliamentary procedure.

ARTICLE XII - Amendments

(1) These By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote at a regular membership meeting, a quorum being present and voting. Any amendment to the By-Laws must be presented to the membership at the regular membership meeting preceding that in which the vote is taken.

ARTICLE XIII – Dissolution

(1) Dissolution of the club can only be accomplished by a ‘yes’ vote of three-quarters of the voting membership. A proposal to dissolve the organization must be mailed to all member’s not less than 20 days prior to a regular meeting at which time the vote is to take place. Upon a positive vote of the membership all outstanding debts will be paid and the remaining funds will be donated to a 501.3.c non-profit organization that supports motorized recreation.

ARTICLE XIV – Termination of Membership

(1) Any member being in arrears in the payment of dues and/or financial obligations to the club shall be notified forthwith in writing or by email by the Secretary of the club. Such member, upon nonpayment of arrears by the March meeting shall be dropped from the membership. After the March meeting, a $5.00 penalty will be added to the total financial obligations of said member. Upon payment of the total financial obligations, said member will be reinstated.
(2) Code of Ethics. A member may be suspended from membership for a period of not more than one (1) year for good cause.
(3) "Good Cause”, as used in this Section, means:
(a) Any conduct that brings the club into public disrepute or violates the purpose for which this club is formed.
(b) Any willful failure or refusal to abide by the articles, bylaws, or rules of this club.
(c) Conviction of any crime involving moral turpitude.
(d) Any conduct that causes any member to come into public dispute.
(e) Any conduct unbecoming of a professional person, or which causes severe embarrassment, either personally or in the community.
(f) Engaged in personal or professional misconduct or a breach of the Code of Ethics of this club of such a serious nature as to render his/her continued presence as a member of the club personally or professionally detrimental to the other members of the club.

(4) Definitions:
(a) For “suspensions”, all voting and other rights of the member during the term of his suspension are terminated, provided, however, that such member shall not be relieved of any liability for payment of dues or assessments falling due or levied during the period of their suspension.
(b) On “expulsion”, the membership of the member in this club is immediately and conclusively terminated, provided, however, that such member shall not be relieved of any liability for payment of dues and assessments.
(c) An expelled member shall not be eligible for readmission to Nissan Off Road Association of Colorado.

(d) All rights of the member in the club or in its property shall cease on expulsion.

ARTICLE XV – Safety and Liability

For the purposes of the statements below the term “NORAC” is defined as the board of directors, the officers, and individual members of the club.
(1) Intoxicated or otherwise impaired persons shall not operate any vehicle at NORAC events or functions. Furthermore, NORAC assumes no responsibility or liability for their care or actions by them that may result in accidents, losses, injury(s) or death while participating in a club event or function.
(2) All pets or animals must be kept under control at all times. Liability for pets or animals brought to a NORAC event is the sole responsibility of the owner or caretaker of said pets or animals. NORAC assumes no responsibility or liability for their care or safety.
(3) Children are the responsibility of their parents and or a legal guardian. NORAC assumes no responsibility or liability for their care of safety.
(4) Vehicles must have a solid steel cab or a roll bar. Safety belts or seat belts or safety harnesses in conjunction with seat belts must to be provided for drivers and all passengers participating in a NORAC event. NORAC assumes no responsibility or liability for accidents or injuries resulting from faulty or inadequate safety devices or their use or disuse by persons participating in a club event or function.
(5) Any trip leader may refuse participation of a member or guest if their vehicle is deemed unsafe. Any trip leader may refuse participation of a member or guest if said participant is observed partaking of alcoholic beverages or illegal controlled substances or is intoxicated or otherwise impaired. Any trip leader may refuse participation of a member or guest if said persons’ behavior is deemed to be reckless or irresponsible or could endanger their own or others safety. Particular trips may have specific safety requirements which members need to verify with the trip leader.
(6) NORAC assumes no responsibility or liability for accidents, losses, injury(s) or death resulting from unsafe equipment or vehicles or improper use of said equipment or vehicles used by any person(s) participating in a club event.
(7) NORAC assumes no responsibility or liability for accidents, losses, injury(s) or death resulting from the action(s) or inactions of any person(s) participating in a club event.

Approved by membership vote 01/11/16

Nissan Off Road Association Of Colorado